Board of Directors



Vice President | Director

Cesar Marquez is a co-founder of Move Nevada Forward currently serving as Vice President & Director. A transplant from Chicago, IL who has lived in Sparks, NV for the last 4 years with plans to stick around.  Cesar has worked as a production supervisor in manufacturing for the last 8 years and hopes to bring his experience in operations to the organization.  In his free time, Cesar enjoys traveling, reading books, and most recently videography. He hopes to combine his passions and use them for the betterment of the organization.



Secretary | Director

I decided to serve on the HFNV is because I genuinely believe in a Human-Centered Economy. This has had even had an impact on my family. Therefore, I am so passionate about it. As a Republican, I also have a different perspective than many of the people in our organization.  As for my background, I work in the Integrated Pest Management industry. With this, I use project management every day in my profession. I use this every day to keep people safe. I also work with social media influencers to help grow their followings. These skills help me every day with MNVF. They allow me to help grow our organization through events, meetings, and social interactions.




I want to move Nevada forward and build on the coalition of Andrew Yang supporters (Yang Gang) brought together through his campaign and his vision for America. I want MNVF to grow into a real community where we support each other and advocate for good causes.  I'm the resident techie on the board, but I feel that I wear many hats. I like to think that I'm an expert at getting things done through project management and automation.



President | Director

Marina Hensen co-founded Move Nevada Forward and currently serves as its President and Compliance Officer. Having lived in Nevada for 30 years she is passionate about public policies that create prosperity for Nevadans, one program at a time.  Previously, Marina enjoyed 15 years as a paralegal. In her free time she explores Southern Nevada's state and federal parks with her husband and 2 rescue dogs.




Hello everyone. I'm Nick Rampone. I'm from Oregon but followed my grandparents to Las Vegas over 10 years ago. I got involved with MNVF because I see a great deal of need out in the world, and this concerns me. I've found that the more I get involved in helping, the better and more optimistic I feel about the world. I'm excited to see what else I can learn, and see what all of us within MNVF can accomplish. There is great potential here.



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Community Relations Lead | Social Media Circle Lead

I'm passionate about science, building communities, and conversations aimed at finding truth rather than winning a debate.  Finding an organization in my home-state with these same goals and interests is amazing.  I'm excited to help build this community even further and make a positive impact.